Unreasonable delay in Justice for the Demkiw’s

A growing number of judicial vacancies are contributing to an even greater number of serious criminal cases being thrown out of court. This is a crisis that requires swift action from the Liberal Government, but instead we’ve seen months and months of inaction only serving to worsen the situation.

During their first year in government, the Liberals appointed only 34 Superior Court judges. The previous year, our Conservative Government made 96 appointments to the Superior Court. Filling vacancies in a timely manner ensured that criminal cases, especially the most serious cases, were properly addressed by the courts. So why are the Liberals waiting?

Our previous Conservative Government believed that criminals, not their victims, should be punished for their crimes. As long as the Liberal Government neglects its responsibility to fill these vacancies, criminals will be back on our streets free to offend again, re-victimizing those who’ve already suffered much at the hands of criminals. This is unacceptable. The Minister of Justice owes it to victims of crime, and indeed all Canadians, to act now and fill the vacancies.