Supporting New Parents Act tabled today by Andrew Scheer

The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, Andrew Scheer, today tabled Bill C-394: the Supporting New Parents Act.

Conservatives know that people come before government and that is why Andrew is using his first economic policy to provide relief for new parents. Currently, Canadians taking advantage of EI maternity benefits and EI parental programs still pay federal income tax on the money they receive. The Supporting New Parents Act will create a federal non-refundable income tax credit for any income earned under these programs. Residents of Quebec who receive benefits under the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan would be eligible for a tax credit of an equivalent amount. The benefit to a Canadian whose regular salary before going on EI is $50,000 per year will be approximately $4,000. That will leave you with more money in your pocket for the things that really matter.
Like your new family. For more information please visit: