News Release: Congratulations Lily Chin, recipient of the Saskatoon-Grasswood Canada 150 Award!

Lily Chin is a long-time resident of Saskatoon who really enjoys volunteering in her community. Lily feels strongly about giving back to her community and looks for opportunities to volunteer and help others. She loves meeting people and finds volunteering most enjoyable. Her passion for dancing led her to volunteer for the U of S Ballroom Club, and she also performs for a variety of groups in Saskatoon, including regular stops at Senior Residences. Lily spends time supporting the Cardiac Artery Rehabilitation Group, the Saskatoon Council on Aging, and has volunteered for the Jazz Festival, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and Persephone Theatre. Lily believes Saskatoon is a beautiful community. She is a vibrant, enthusiastic volunteer, whose generosity and love for people and our community, makes Saskatoon a very special place to be for everyone! Thank you Lily for everything you do for our community!