MP Waugh tables motion in Indigenous and Northern Affairs Committee

I believe it is critically important that our committee, as an independent body from the Government, undertake a study to examine the barriers to education equality for First Nations youth in this country. A committee study is an opportunity to listen, learn and recommend meaningful solutions.
Therefore, on November 28, 2017, I read the following motion into the record at the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Mr. Kevin Waugh:
That pursuant to Standing Order 108(2) the committee undertake a comprehensive study of indigenous education and graduation rights from secondary schools, that the scope of this study include standards for high school graduation, standard curricula, standard qualifications for educators and statistics for national graduation rights from reserved schools in comparison to indigenous student off-reserve, and also to non-indigenous students that the witness list include responsible indigenous services department officials, we need band councils, band members, the Statistic Canada officials, first nation organizations responsible for delivering education services such as the first nations education steering committee and community groups, and that the committee report its findings to the House within 12 months of the adoption of this motion.