Liberal budget provides $109 Million to the CRA and Environment and Climate Change Canada for “Carbon Cops”

Please watch my video outside of EVRAZ North America in Regina in response to the Liberal Budget 2018.
The Trudeau Liberal government has provided $109 Million for “Carbon Cops”!

It is unacceptable that instead of championing the Trans Mountain pipeline project and promoting the benefits that it would bring to communities across Canada, ‎Prime Minister Justin Trudeau choses to pile on new regulations, creating additional obstacles for Canadian energy projects.

Conservatives believe that the independent, scientific, evidenced-based decision-making process that the Trans Mountain Expansion project went through clearly showed that the pipeline could be expanded safely.

The Government recently released draft legislative proposals on the federal carbon pollution pricing system, as well as a regulatory framework outlining the approach to carbon pollution pricing for large industrial facilities, and intends to introduce legislation to establish that system.

To support the development and implementation of the federal carbon pollution pricing system, the Government will provide $109 million over five years, starting in 2017–18, to the Canada Revenue Agency and Environment and Climate Change Canada to implement, administer and enforce the federal carbon pollution pricing system.

The completion of this project is in Canada’s vital national interest. It will create jobs and opportunity across the entire country.  The Liberal’s choose to spend your tax dollars on administration and enforcement rather than create good jobs for Canadians!