Justin Trudeau is undermining Canadian Justice

My esteemed colleague, Hon. Rob Nicholson, MP for Niagara Falls and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada has written a letter to the editor voicing his concerns about Bill C-75.  His concerns are valid and I would encourage you to learn more about this 300 page omnibus bill.

April 6, 2018
Ottawa: Hon. Rob Nicholson, MP Niagra Falls
CPC Shadow Minister for Justice

Dear Editor,
Canada’s Conservatives believe that the safety of law abiding Canadians must be the number one priority of any government. That’s why we will always work to strengthen the Canadian criminal justice system, rather than weaken it.

On the eve of the Easter long-weekend, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals introduced C-75, an Omnibus bill with more than 300 pages of sweeping changes to the Criminal Code.

While Conservatives agree with the intimate partner violence reforms, and continue to review the proposed procedural changes with respect to preliminary inquiries and jury selection, we have serious concerns with some elements of this legislation. We are concerned with the number and type of very serious offences that could result in lighter sentencing or even simple fines. These offences include acts related to terrorism, assault with a weapon, participation in criminal organization, impaired driving charges, arson, polygamy, forced marriage, advocating genocide, fraud, and human trafficking.

With regards to Section 176, the Liberals are retracting their promise to keep full protections in place for religious services. Disruption of religious worship is very serious. Thousands of Canadians agree with me. In fact, I have never received so much correspondence on any one issue.

Under these reckless changes, the Liberals are reducing penalties for many serious crimes in our country by adding summary conviction as a prosecutorial option. These changes send the wrong message to victims, law abiding Canadians and to the criminal element alike.

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives understand that a strong criminal justice system must always put the rights of victims and communities before special treatment for perpetrators of violent crime.

Hon. Rob Nicholson
CPC Shadow Minister for Justice