Saskatoon-Grasswood Canada 150 Citizen Award

2017 marks the 150 anniversary of Confederation however unlike previous governments the current government has decided not to continue the tradition of awarding commemorative medals to Canadian citizens during milestone years. Because of this, I have decided to recognize individuals in my own riding with the Saskatoon-Grasswood Canada 150 Citizen Award.

To nominate an individual please visit my office for an application or follow the link below for the printable version or scroll down for a online submission.

Canada 150 Application Form

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The Saskatoon-Grasswood Canada 150 Citizen Award is an opportunity to acknowledge members of our community who have contributed to the community and Canada as a whole in a meaningful way. All individuals are welcome to nominate someone they feel has contributed to Canada and the community, however the nominee must reside in the Saskatoon-Grasswood riding. The contributions of nominees can be in the past as well as ongoing. This Award is intended to highlight the many individuals in our community that are committed to making our community, and our country a wonderful place.  The nomination period is open until December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm CST. Please submit an application using this  online form, or visit the Saskatoon-Grasswood Canada 150 Citizen Award page for a printable version of the form which you can drop off at our office in Saskatoon. Please note, if contact information is not provided the Award cannot be awarded to the nominee listed.


Please fill out the information below. This contact information will be used to confirm any information provided below as well as to seek any information that may be missing upon submission.

Please provide the contact information for the individual you wish to nominate below. This information will be used to contact the individual if they are selected for the Award.